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about us

Chelae (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. 


            Chelae Company designs fashion products inspired by our uniqueness, using 100 percent cotton with harmonious, outstanding and eye-catching patterns.
            We are delighted to create works which respond to fashion trends as well as women’s and men’s personalities. We are also glad to be a leader in designing quality, outstanding, and gorgeous fashion materials in all aspects. Chelae aims to create works and promote the outstanding uniqueness of cotton, which is comfortable to wear and available in beautiful patterns. Moreover, we hope to be a progressive company in order to transfer this work to other cloth businesses. 
            Chelae has been in the fashion cotton business since 1999. Since then, the company has continuously expanded our creation of works and exported them to many countries, especially Japan, as well as America and Australia.
            The company works not only on design, but also the remarkable, unique, beautiful patterns in Asian and European styles. Furthermore, our company is known for using colors and beautiful patterns on cloth by the arts of creating dyed cloth in Japanese and Batik styles.
            Since 2000, the company has been in numerous product expositions in Japan, America, and Australia due to our expertise in creating world-class textiles.



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